The Board is having a special meeting on Feb. 9 to appoint two directors to current openings.    Any member who qualifies and wishes to be on the board have your bio to Secretary Kilcher by Friday 5pm.

I encourage all members to attend the special meeting to see who will complete the board for 2016.


The 2016 Annual Meeting minutes, in draft, are posted under the VILLAGE INFORMATION/BOD tab at the top.   This will be approved by membership at the 2017 meeting.

For those of you who are not on FB I uploaded a few pics


Message from the President

As we all know, this has been the worst storm we have ever had and it broke the snowfall record

I’d like to remind those who have lived here for years and to inform the new residents, that IF you know ahead of time you have an emergency reason, i.e. you have a job that you MUST get to (and going to the store does not constitute an emergency) that your driveway needed to be plowed out first, or IF you knew ahead of time that medical personnel will be coming to your house, all you had to do was phone the President and inform her.   You would have been put FIRST on the list for plowing.

Also, snow will be removed on a rotating basis so no block is plowed first.   IF you want to shovel yourself out DO NOT shovel into the road put it on your grass area.

Thank you to S&S, you have done an excellent job getting us all plowed out.

PS I just took a walk and they’re working their way down Canal and to Trestle, be patient -Annamarie


Great job from S&S driveways are beginning to be plowed.

January 23, 2016 Snowstorm

S&S has a huge job in front of them. They are working on keeping the roads passable remember, the walks and driveways will be done when the roads are plowed and opened. With the amount of accumulation expected walkways and driveways probably will not be plowed today. Stay safe



2016 BOD

Under Village Information tab you will find the new Board of Directors for 2016


Just a reminder the Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 19 at 1pm.   Registration begins at 12:15pm.    I encourage all members to attend.

I have posted under “Standard Operating Procedures” an article from the Community Association Magazine on “board sharing”.      I encourage all board members to read it, it relates to what is appropriate for directors to share with the community and what should be kept confidential.


Breakfast 2016